Dear Student

Thank you for your interest in KPI College. I am delighted that you are considering becoming a student here. If you apply for a place at our College, you will find that we devote a great deal of time and expertise to helping you match your needs and aspirations to the wide range of courses we offer.

At KPI, staff and students work together to produce a mature learning experience that is supportive, exciting and challenging. We expect all of our students to work purposefully throughout their time at College, but we also expect them to enjoy themselves.

Our Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Shipping and Transport Management courses have been designed to provide a practical approach, train ambitious professionals and prepare them for the challenges of working in a business environment. These are the cornerstones of all educational institutions and these are the values that the future of our students and our institution are built upon. At KPI College we believe in the development of the whole person. Each student is encouraged to grow academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

If you want to learn more about the College, I am sure that you will find it helpful to contact us through our contact us page or you can just walk into our campus.

We look forward to meeting you and playing our part in your future.

Yours Sincerely,


Innovative institution, educating our future.


KPI College will nurture, innovate and educate future leaders and generations with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life for all.


Educating our Future.


KPI College is an institute that specialises in Supply Chain and offers qualifications at a national and international level. The heads of department have operational experience that span more than 50 years, which enables learners to be relevant to industry and secure key jobs in this scarce skill industry.

All lecturers are required to have worked in the industry before lecturing as our learners are exposed to practical examples and scenarios that also links back to the theory. We ensure that our material is always relevant to current industry standards and also aware of trends that will be adapted in future.  Therefore, our background of currently being involved in industry ensures that the learners is always given the best platform to succeed.

KPI not only boasts operational experience but has been working with industry leaders over the years to empower and educate current employees in Industry at a National level. (For more information visit www.kpiconsulting.co.za)

Our vision is to empower our youth to be versatile quick thinkers that have a multitude of skills to handle any situation. The continuous change in all industries but especially in Supply Chain requires dynamic individuals that enjoy a challenge.


Being in the Supply Chain Sector we see that there is a growing need for skilled personnel in this sector that is currently lacking from lower level to top management. Our aim is to try and bridge this gap as far as possible.

The KPI brand is synonymous with the Supply Chain sector in South Africa and therefore we will feel that we should try and engage our youth through our industry relevant training approach – the theory taught in the classroom environment matches the “real-life” environment. This provides our youth with a leading edge when entering the job market.

Aspects that make us different to competitors are that we currently facilitate training in transport and logistics for some of the big players in South Africa and therefore we are able to also keep our content current and relevant. This also allows us to facilitate the gap between tertiary institutions and industry.

The focal aspect of the college is to ensure the lecturers have industry background and have the practical knowledge in order to facilitate the theory.

We champion women into this industry as they are still short represented and can add value to this industry. We will also target schools to ensure Supply chain is understood from grassroot level so that it will appeal to the bright young people as a career path.

Supply Chain and Logistics is regarded as a scarce skill in South Africa by the Department of Labour. It is an industry that has continued growth and shows no signs of slowing


Innovative instituition, educating our future

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